WoS Q1


Djordje Vukelic; Katica Simunovic; Zeljko Kanovic; Tomislav Saric; Branko Tadic; Goran Simunovic

Multi-objective optimization of steel AISI 1040 dry turning using genetic algorithm

Neural Computing and Applications, 2021

IF2020 = 5,606; Q1


Holik, Mario; Živić, Marija; Virag, Zdravko; Barac, Antun; Vujanović, Milan; Avsec, Jurij

Thermo-economic optimization of a Rankine cycle used for waste-heat recovery in biogas cogeneration plants

Energy conversion and management, 2021

IF2020 = 9,709; Q1


Katica Simunovic, Sara Havrlisan, Tomislav Saric, Djordje Vukelic

Modeling and Optimization in Investigating Thermally Sprayed Ni-Based Self-Fluxing Alloy Coatings: A Review

Materials, 2020

IF2020 = 3,623; Q1


Djordje Vukelic, Katica Simunovic, Goran Simunovic, Tomislav Saric, Zeljko Kanovic, Igor Budak, Boris Agarski

Evaluation of an environment-friendly turning process of Inconel 601 in dry conditions

Journal of Cleaner Production, 2020

IF2020 = 9,297; Q1


Vasina, Martin; Monkova, Katarina; Monka, Peter Pavol; Kozak, Drazan; Tkac, Jozef

Study of the Sound Absorption Properties of 3D-Printed Open-Porous ABS Material Structures

Polymers, 2020

IF2019 = 3,164; Q1


Damjanović, Darko; Kozak, Dražan; Gubeljak, Nenad

The influence of residual stresses on fracture behavior of Pipe Ring Notched Bend specimen (PRNB)

Engineering fracture mechanics, 2019

IF2019 = 3,426; Q1


Damjanović, Darko; Kozak, Dražan; Gelo, Ivan; Gubeljak, Nenad

The influence of torsion effect on fracture behavior of Pipe Ring Notched Bend specimen (PRNB)

Theoretical and applied fracture mechanics, 2019

IF2019 = 3,021; Q1


Holik, Mario; Živić, Marija; Virag, Zdravko; Barac Antun

Optimization of an organic Rankine cycle constrained by the application of compact heat exchangers

Energy conversion and management, 2019

IF2019 = 8,208; Q1


Branko Štrbac; Bojan Ačko; Sara Havrlišan; Ivan Matin; Borislav Savković; Miodrag Hadžistević

Investigation of the effect of temperature and other significant factor on systematic error and measurement uncertainty in CMM measurements by applying design of experiments

Measurement, 2019 

IF2019 = 3,364; Q1


Pavić, Zlatko

Inequalities with infinite convex combinations in the simplices

Mathematical Inequalities and Applications, 2019

IF2019 = 1,510; Q1


Srivastava, Madhulika; Hloch, Sergej; Tripathi, Rupam; Kozak, Drazan; Chattopadhyaya, Somnath; Dixit, Amit Rai; Foldyna, Josef; Hvizdos, Pavol; Fides, Martin; Adamcik, Pavel

Ultrasonically generated pulsed water jet peening of austenitic stainless-steel surfaces

Journal of Manufacturing Processes, 2018

IF2018 = 4,05; Q1


Ruggiero, Alessandro; D’Amato, Roberto; Magliano, Emanuele; Kozak, Drazan

Dynamical Simulations of a Flexible Rotor in Cylindrical Uncavitated and Cavitated Lubricated Journal Bearings

Lubricants, 2018

IF2018 = 1,95; Q1


Damjanović, Darko; Kozak, Dražan; Matvienko, Yuriy; Gubeljak, Nenad

Correlation of Pipe Ring Notched Bend (PRNB) specimen and Single Edge Notch Bend (SENB) specimen in determination of fracture toughness of pipe material

Fatigue & fracture of engineering materials & structures, 2017

IF2017 = 2,533; Q1


Milošević, Mijodrag; Lukić, Dejan; Antić, Aco; Lalić, Bojan; Ficko, Mirko; Šimunović, Goran

A distributed collaborative system for internet-based process planning

Journal of manufacturing systems, 2017

IF2019 = 3,699; Q1


Svalina, Ilija; Šimunović, Goran; Šarić, Tomislav; Lujić, Roberto

Evolutionary neuro-fuzzy system for surface roughness evaluation

Applied soft computing, 2017

IF2017 = 3,907; Q1


Strušnik, Dušan; Marčić, Milan; Golob, Marjan; Hribernik, Aleš; Živić, Marija; Avsec, Jurij

Energy efficiency analysis of steam ejector and electric vacuum pump for a turbine condenser air extraction system based on supervised machine learning modelling

Applied energy, 2016

IF2016 = 7,182; Q1


Pavić, Zlatko

Young’s inequality for multivariate functions

Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Applications, 2016

IF2016 = 1,340; Q1


Pavić, Zlatko; Wu, Shanhe; Novoselac, Vedran

Important inequalities for preinvex functions

Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Applications, 2016

IF2016 = 1,340; Q1


Katica Šimunović, Goran Šimunović, Tomislav Šarić

Single and Multiple Goal Optimization of Structural Steel Face Milling Process Considering Different Methods of Cooling/Lubricating

Journal of Cleaner Production, 2015

IF2015 = 4,959; Q1


Šarić, Tomislav; Šimunović, Goran; Šimunović, Katica

Use of Neural Networks in Prediction and Simulation of Steel Surface Roughness

International journal of simulation modelling, 2013

IF2013 = 2,125; Q1


Potočnik, Primož; Soldo, Božidar; Šimunović, Goran; Šarić, Tomislav; Jeromen, Andrej; Govekar, Edvard

Comparison of static and adaptive models for short-term residential natural gas forecasting in Croatia

Applied energy, 2014

IF2014 = 5,613; Q1


Soldo, Božidar; Potočnik, Primož; Šimunović, Goran; Šarić, Tomislav; Govekar, Edvard

Improving the residential natural gas consumption forecasting models by using solar radiation

Energy and buildings, 2014

IF2014 = 2,884; Q1


Šimunović, Goran; Šimunović, Katica; Šarić, Tomislav

Modelling and simulation of surface roughness in face milling

International journal of simulation modelling, 2013

IF2019 = 2,125; Q1


Hloch, S., Valíček, J., Kozak, D. et al.

Analysis of acoustic emission emerging during hydroabrasive cutting and options for indirect quality control

The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 2013

IF2019 = 2,633; Q1


Svalina, Ilija; Galzina, Vjekoslav; Lujić, Roberto; Šimunović, Goran

An adaptive network-based fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) for the forecasting: the case of close price indices

Expert systems with applications, 2013

IF2013 = 1,965; Q1


Virag, Zdravko; Živić, Marija; Krizmanić, Severino

Cooling of a sphere by natural convection – the applicability of the lumped capacitance method

International journal of heat and mass transfer, 2011

IF2011 = 2,407; Q1