Mission and Vision


The mission of the Mechanical Engineering Faculty is reflected in its contribution to sustainable development of society through continuous improvement of knowledge by educating students at all study levels, as well as in implementation of scientific and technological research in the field of mechanical engineering. The Faculty finds the basis for fulfilment of its mission in the 90-year-long tradition of mechanical engineering in Slavonski Brod, in many years of transferring knowledge, skills and experiences of its carefully selected and trained staff to the youth, thereby encouraging their affiliation towards mechanical engineering profession and towards technology in general, by promoting at the same time the technical culture in the community.

Being aware of the fact that any well-functioning state bases its progress on developing its own industry, the Faculty promotes the need for preservation and modernisation of production resources, within which the training of students and staff on the principles of competitiveness, ethics and creativity is defined as the primary strategic importance. In each of its members, the Faculty seeks to develop a sense of responsibility towards work and commitments, to ensure continuous progress of the community. Setting its own example through persistent work on improvement of provided services, along with the implemented quality assurance system, the Faculty aims to be recognised as a centre of excellence in education, research and mechanical engineering profession, to be a desirable place for studying, and a good partner in the business sector.


In the Central European region, the Mechanical Engineering Faculty will be known as a place of „good vibrations“, a meeting point for partners at international, national and local level, a place for development of innovative processes, products and materials, and improvement of existing ones.

Graduates of the Faculty will be demanded at the labour market as excellent and highly skilled employees competent for effective problem solving. In public, the Faculty will be recognised as a socially responsible institution within its scientific, educational and professional activities.

Further development of the Faculty is directed to its profiling into a leading centre of higher education in the construction of new machinery, to development of modern structural solutions, application of new technologies, to energy and environmentally sustainable development in Eastern Croatia, both at the university and professional level. In addition to providing quality services in the field of higher education, special attention will be paid to lifelong learning programmes. Efforts will be made to tightly connect educational process with scientific research and industry through active participation in scientific, technology and cooperation projects with companies, institutes and experts.