The activities of the Department for Energetics

are to educate students who will have the knowledge and skills necessary for research, development, introduction and application of new methods and tools in the design, manufacture, reconstruction, installation and maintenance of power plants. The education of new generations of masters of mechanical engineering in the field of energy will contribute to the development of energy in the region of Slavonia and Baranja where more than half a century there is a tradition in these industries.

The scientific research activity of the Department is focused on the areas of heat transfer with phase change, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and aerodynamics, electrical engineering and renewable energy sources.

The members of the Department are involved in solving numerous problems that occur in the process of design, production and exploitation in different production companies. The Department offers the following services

Revision of calculations and projects

Functional analysis of product

Analytical computation of product

Numerical (Computational Fluid Dynamics) computation of product

Thermography in construction

Design and optimization of new and existing products

Eco-design in field of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering

Design and professional supervision in the field of electrical engineering

Preparation of studies in the field of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering

Development of expertise and consulting in the field of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering

Electrotechnical part of energy inspections of buildings, systems and public lighting

Energy certification of buildings, systems and public lighting

The Department has 6 staff members
2 full professors with tenure, 1 postdoctoral student – senior Assistant, 2 assistants and 1 Expert Associate in the System of Science and Higher Education


The Department has 3 laboratories that are used for education, scientific and research activities, as well as cooperation with the economy

Laboratory for numerical simulations
of heat flow and transfer


Laboratory for Renewable Energy Sources
and Energy Efficiency


Laboratory for Electrical Engineering



Numerical Modelling of Convection-Diffusion
Phase Change Problems

Full professor with tenure Marija Živić

Research of the IC Engine
Combustion Control and management

Full professor with tenure Marinko Stojkov

Industrial sector of application

Design and product development


Heavy industry

Processing industry

Light industry

Contact person

Full professor with tenure Marinko Stojkov

Head of Department