Research and development


Institutional projects

New manufacturing technologies
Pero Raos

Impact of technological parameters on residual stresses
Daniel Novoselović

Modelling and optimizing processes applicable in maintenance
Katica Šimunović

Management model in condition of single and small batch productions
Roberto Lujić

Multicriterial approach to design, numerical modelling and optimization of modular building structures into product development for multidisciplinary scope based on function and functionality with regard to safety and sustainable development
Željko Ivandić

Assessment of the lifespan of dental implants performed by a trabecular structure
Pejo Konjatić

Development of models and computer programs for optimizing the use of waste heat and energy from renewable sources in combined heating, cooling and electricity generation systems
Marija Živić

Surface implementation to extend the life of parts and equipment
Vlatko Marušić

Generalizing arithmetic environments and their application
Zlatko Pavić

EU Projects

Development of quality control machine and palletization machine in the automotive industry
Ilija Svalina
Ivan Grgić

Center of competences for advanced engineering Nova Gradiška (CEKOMNING)
Mirko Karakašić

Center for research, development and innovations (CIRI)
Goran Šimunović

Development of multi-phase flow and combustion testing systems with the aim of increasing the research activities of the scientific and business sectors
Marija Živić
Antun Barac

Smart label for measuring and monitoring the storage and transport conditions of products
Marinko Stojkov
Mario Holik

Renewable Energy Sources for Smart and Sustainable Health Centers and University Education- RESCUE
Marinko Stojkov

Slavonika 5.1
Goran Šimunović
Mladen Bošnjaković

Bilateral projects

Mechanical Engineering Faculty in Slavonski Brod is a part of European research field and it encourages mobility of researchers and students. Until now, 26 bilateral international cooperation agreements were signed.

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