EU projects

Projects co-financed by the European Union:

Development of quality control machine and palletization machine in the automotive industry
(1.8.2020. – 31.07.2023.)
Ilija Svalina
Ivan Grgić

Center of competences for advanced engineering Nova Gradiška (CEKOMNING)
(1.7.2020. – 1.1.2025.)
Mirko Karakašić

Center for research, development and innovations (CIRI)
(29.6.2020. – 29.12.2021.)
Goran Šimunović

Development of multi-phase flow and combustion testing systems with the aim of increasing the research activities of the scientific and business sectors
(20.4.2020. – 24.4.2023.)
Marija Živić
Antun Barac

Smart label for measuring and monitoring the storage and transport conditions of products
(20.12.2019. – 20.12.2022.)
Marinko Stojkov
Mario Holik

Renewable Energy Sources for Smart and Sustainable Health Centers and University Education- RESCUE
(1.4.2019. – 30.9.2021.)
Marinko Stojkov

Slavonika 5.1
(1.12.2019. – 1.12.2023.)
Goran Šimunović
Mladen Bošnjaković

Analysis of residual stresses in ring test samples to measure the breakage toughness of pipe material
(30.10.2018. – 31.12.2021.)
Darko Damjanović

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